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At Embark Energy, we distribute reformulated quality gasoline, both branded and unbranded, to the Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio areas.  We are large enough to provide our customers with the support and resources of a national wholesaler with the inherent advantages of an adaptive and nimble organization.  Contact us for information on converting to Shell, Valero, or 76 brand.


Our gasoline is available in 87 octane, 89 octane, and 93 octane ratings and is supplied from quality terminals operated by major fuel refineries such as Motiva and Flint Hills. Our gasoline is ethanol blended and compliant with all federal and state requirements. We pride ourselves in bringing you Shell, Valero, and 76 branded and unbranded gasoline at competitive rates with courteous and professional service. 

We offer our customers flexible transport and logistics solutions by leveraging our network of common carriers and ensure your tanks stay full and your customers stay happy.  Utilizing technology through Veeder Root and Acumera, we offer a "keep full" delivery service to hedge market volatility​.

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